Will 2013 welcome you all!

I wish you a great new year with this words by Jim McCarthy:

I Say Welcome

I say welcome over and over to every and all who show me themselves in a way I can understand because their kindness in doing so is lovely. I want more of it, and them, in my world. They are welcome.

I say welcome because for hundreds of years we have been unwelcome in hundreds of ways. Our feelings especially have been taboo, our deepest selves prohibited.

I say welcome because when someone shows they can feel and think at the same time by stating a feeling instead of acting without coherence on it, I am happy that i am safer with this person’s feelings.

I say welcome to maturity in everyday living.

I say welcome: welcome to all of us, even to our feelings and emotional discomfort. Offering welcome to ourselves a million times in a million voices may be just enough to break the spell of having been hushed in countless ways all of our lives. The age-old banishment of the human spirit from our discourse may well be ended with our inviting and welcoming.

My arrival in externality does not happen all at once. Every day i become more convinced by the welcoming of my many welcoming friends that a place for me actually exists in their hearts. I grow to believe just a little more that in that place I will be valued as I actually am within myself, that I am welcome among a group of external us.

The world wide we.

This welcoming world is built of acceptance and encouragement based on mutual comprehension of just a few primitive feelings, and the belief that we all want more virtue, more help, better ideas, and greater results. This world does not unnecessarily demand my silence, nor does it prohibit my cogence and sensation.

I hear welcome. My sorrow, my joy, my anger and my constant fear have been welcomed. I, in fact, am welcome, so I step a little further into my state of visible being.. This new bit of me is welcomed anew as it should be, so a new and a newly seen me moves on.

I glisten with newness.

I throb with acceptance.

I hear welcome, even if at times I fear it is pro forma. I hear welcome to more and more of me, as long as I offer myself in ways comprehensible to you. I hear that I belong in this world. So I keep moving to fulfill my fundamental commitment to be, to create and disclose myself in effective and comprehensive ways.

I hear welcome.

And I say welcome to signal that I accept what you have told me about you.

I say welcome alone, without adornment. Just “Welcome.” I don’t trust the part of me that wants to talk you out being who you are. I want to tell you why you shouldn’t be in any discomfort whatsoever. I want you to stop being sad or mad. I want your fears to stop. I want this cessation of you because I cannot accept that I am feeling these feelings too. Even though they have been supposedly prohibited in me. I say welcome to tell myself to feel, to invite and to love.

I say welcome and welcome again to these our tentatively emergent feelings, because they alone bring infinite supply to a life otherwise mired in shortages.

Welcome is my raised fist. I say welcome as a weapon. I say welcome to nullify the isolation within that leads to the suffering world without. I say welcome to end poverty and war, to make beauty and to topple injustice and repression.

Welcome is my act of rebellion. Welcome is our revolution. Welcome is war.

War against all that I have done and habitually do to repress myself. And you. Then, now and forever.


Jim McCarthy

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